TECHNICAL REQUIREMENT In order to create the most successful experience possible, we have implemented the following technical requirements for our online programs. We recommend only enrolling if you can meet these requirements, otherwise your experience will be limited and could impact that of the other participants.

DEVICE REQUIREMENT Join us by laptop, desktop, tablet with an 8-inch screen or larger, or a handheld device, such as an iPhone, Android, or iPad Mini with a working camera.

ZOOM REQUIREMENT You must have the most recent version of Zoom downloaded to your device. You cannot participate without the most updated version or via the cloud-based version of Zoom.

WIFI REQUIREMENT If you do not have a direct ethernet connection to the internet, be sure you have adequate Wifi bandwidth with higher speeds for uploads and downloads (30 Mbps upload speed & 6 Mbps download speed would be the absolute minimum). You cannot participate live via a hotspot from your phone or handheld device. If you do not meet any of the above internet requirements, we ask that you dial into the call from phone or watch the recording of the call after it has been posted to the portal.

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