Wild White Sage


Salvia apiana, or white sacred sage is an evergreen shrub native to the Southwest, widely used by Native Americans in various ceremonies.

Equally effective at filling your apartment with a cleansing, calming aroma.

In Traditional herbalism, wild plants are said to have more Shen (Spirit). Unlike cultivated plants, wild plants must grow in the face of scarcity, harsher environments, and changing climates. As a result, they are more resilient, more potent, and exhibit energetic properties that are different from their cultivated varietals. 


Ethically Sourced

Sustainably Harvested 


Tip: Be sure to light above a fire resistant vessel. We love using smudging with sage as a way to clear our energies and the energy of the space. We often use it in preparation for a ritual, ceremony, meditation or prayer. When smudging your home, be sure to open a window or door. 


Weight 2.26796 kg
Dimensions 15.24 × 15.24 × 15.24 cm

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